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Upcoming Meetings and Recent Decisions:
Text amendments to the Hood River County Zoning Ordinance (HRCZO) have been recently adopted. The amendments focused on: 1) Updating Article 75 (National Scenic Area), 2) Incorporating legislative updates as required by law, and 3) Making technical changes in order to clarify and/or improve application and administration of various land use provisions.

The proposed technical changes to the STR regulations were bifurcated from the above amendments at the March 19, 2018 hearing and continued to another hearing for future deliberation and discussion.

The purpose of the June 18th public hearing is to overview alternatives the Board of County Commissioners have in regards to addressing concerns associated with the existing STR regulations. The primary concern is the notion of what constitutes residency of a dwelling.
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Summary of Appeal 415-18-0031 of Extension #415-17-0195
Hood River Valley Residents Committee Appeal of County Planning Department's decision to grant a 1-year extension of an approved commercial land use permit (File #13-0216) issued in 2014 for the construction and operation of an amphitheater for outdoor concerts and other commercial events at the former Dee Mill site.
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