Hood River County

Community Development

Department Overview

Welcome to the Hood River County Community Development Department. Our efforts and responsibilities are centered on balancing agricultural, natural, scenic and recreational resources, in addition to managing lands located within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
Department Overview

Our department provides a range of services, programs and assistance to unincorporated portions of the county. Specifically, the department is responsible for a number of diverse functions, which include:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Building Codes
  • Code Compliance
  • Economic Development
  • GIS
  • Veterans’ Services
  • Information Services (IS)

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to client focused customer service, building trust and sustaining community livability. In administration of our duties, we can’t always say yes, but we can focus on timely, accurate responses and, whenever possible, developing and delivering solid solutions. It is our goal to maintain the quality of life in the rural and resort areas of the county. We strive to ensure residents and visitors alike can continue to appreciate our agricultural heritage and experience the county’s unique, abundant beauty.

We invite you to use this website to find further information about our respective functions as well as our online versions of applications and documents that pertain to Hood River County and community development. Don’t hesitate to contact or visit us personally to let us know how we can serve you better.

The offices for all functions are located on the second floor of the County Business Administration Building (CBAB) with the exception of Veterans’ Services, which is located on the first floor of the CBAB. Each of the functions has a separate budget for a combined department budget of just over $1,500,000. The department currently consists of 12 employees. The Community Development Department is administered by the Community Development Director, who is appointed and supervised by the County Administrator.

Department Responsibilities
Planning & Zoning
Building Codes & Inspection
Code Compliance
Veterans' Services
Hood River County Community Development Staff
  • Interim Director: Eric Walker
  • Office Manager: Kim Paulk
  • Principal Planner: Eric Walker
  • Senior Planner: Keith Cleveland
  • Planning Technician: Kate Dougherty
Compliance Planner:
  • Compliance Planner: Micaela Keller
  • GIS Coordinator: Mike Schrankel
  • Building Official: Mark Van Voast
  • Building Inspector: Luke Franz
  • Building Inspector: Jim Parks
  • Building Technician: Mikialah (Miki) Gaither
  • Building Technician:  Itzui Villafana-Hernandez
Veterans' Services:
  • CVSO: Tricia Stevens