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Hood River County Energy Plan

We use energy to power our homes, water our crops, run our hospitals, drive our police cars and power our schools. Energy use is our community's biggest cost and biggest impact on the environment. If we lose power, we lose the ability to communicate, keep our food refrigerated, and drive our cars. The more efficiently we use energy and produce our own energy locally, the more we will be able to adapt to rising energy costs and natural disasters, while also helping the environment.

For the last 12 months, Hood River County community leaders have been embarking on a collaborative effort to develop a county-wide energy plan. The plan, if adopted and implemented, could help the county save on energy costs, become more resilient to rising prices and natural disasters, and create significant environmental and public health benefits.

 Project Funders  

Hood River County, the City of Hood River, the City of Cascade Locks, the Port of Hood River, the Port of Cascade Locks, and the Energy Trust of Oregon

 Why an Energy Plan

Energy use is our community's biggest cost and biggest impact on the environment. Falling prices of technologies and the advent of distributed energy are inspiring rapid changes in how we acquire and consume energy in every aspect of our lives. Hood River, along with hundreds of communities across the U.S., recognize that strategic energy planning is critical to ensure optimum benefits and mitigate future challenges. Having an energy plan will give our community the strategies and tactics it needs to be prepared for, and benefit from these opportunities.


Hood River County Energy Plan   

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Energy Plan F.A.Q.'s

Energy Steering Committee RARE Coordinator:  Marla Harvey marla.harvey@co.hood-river.or.us


Short-Term Rental (STR) Information:

 STR Application
 STR Application STR Informational Handout
 STR Standards
Property owners need to obtain an STR permit prior to using a dwelling as a STR. How STRs are permitted and the type of STR permit differs depending on how property is zoned. An unpermitted STR could be subject to enforcement and penalties.

Marijuana in Hood River County:
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HRC Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
We know disasters will come to Hood River County…the only question is when. How will we prepare for the inevitable?

Hood River County is updating the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. Mitigation plans outline community risk to natural hazards and potential actions the County can take to reduce risks to people, property and the local economy BEFORE the next wildfire, winter storm, flood, earthquake, etc. strikes. The Cities of Cascade Locks and Hood River are creating locally specific action plans as well.

Please help us out by completing this SHORT survey (less than 5 minutes!): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WG8CMFW.

If you are interested in learning more or providing input, contact Nicolia Mehrling at nicolia.mehrling@co.hood-river.or.us . You can see the former version of the plan, adopted in 2012, here, at the Hood River County Emergency Management web page. Drafts of the new plan will be posted as soon as they are available.



The Planning Department oversees all unincorporated portions of Hood River County outside the City Limits of Hood River and Cascade Locks. Department functions are organized into three categories: 1) public service; 2) development review; and 3) project planning (legislative amendments and special projects). Collectively, the department provides technical assistance and information to the public and local officials, administers the county land use regulations, supports a variety of planning-associated programs, and generates citizen interest, input and participation in the planning process. One of the department’s primary roles is the administration of the Hood River County Zoning Ordinance (HRCZO), where focus is placed on full compliance with state and local laws.

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